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with no eventing Robin and I have been to Holland with our great friends Adam Kemp and Matt Frost a couple of times

We drove over with Adam a few weeks ago to support Matt who is an auction rider and had a good time watching Matt work the horses. we only ever seem to get together in another country even though we only live half an hour apart.

Last weekend we went back to Holland to the Elite auctions and had a fantastic time Adam and his clients had a successful shopping trip bringing 3 horses back with them and when Robin ordered a cup of tea for me, managed to be the under bidder at £36000!!!!!

Daisy has had her début ride on Sid and Pascal at Burrows Court BE dressage and Sid came home with 2 seconds in the Novice classes and Pascal behaved HC in his classes.

At the end of Oct we went to Rockhampton dressage Vicky competed for the first time on Storm. Storm is now 24yrs but still showed the youngsters what to do, winning the first class and 3rd in the second class. Laura a livery took Boycie and won the second and third classes. Gamma took Michael Muck a little hosre who used to be in training with Paul Nichols and after thinking he was racing settled down to come home with a 2nd, 5th and 3rd

We have started getting the 3 yr olds sorted with Leighland Melody, Hilldown Thistle and Hilldown Parsley now lungeing quietly with tack on.