At Moor farm we have between 18 and 22 horses in at any time. These include Leighland horses; Toledo, Pascal, Pearl, Xavier and Melody and up to 10 full liveries. The rest are made up of horses that are in to break, school, compete or sell.

We also have an active breeding program, the base for this being being a big farm in Uley, which is also where our other horses go for their holidays.

Leighland Horses

Leighland Miranda

leighland toledo

Leighland Toledo

Many of my horses hold the Leighland prefix which originates from the home of their original breeder, Miss Catherine Brown, who lived in Abbots Leigh, near Bristol. I started riding the Leighland horses when I was 17 which included:

  • Leighland Miranda
  • Leighland Rufus
  • Leighland Jason
  • Leighland Bianca

I competed them all at Advanced level and I continued the breeding of the line with Leighland Toledo who I competed to Prix St George, and Leighland Pascal to Advanced Medium.

I now have several riders that I train competing the Leighland horses for me. Leighland Pearl and Leighland Xavier are evented by Mike Jackson. Leighland Melody has started being competed in dressage.
Leighland Xavier

Leighland Xavier

Leighland Melody

Leighland Melody

Leighland Pearl

Leighland Pearl

In addition the Leighland breeding line, I set up with my friend Sally Hulburt, the Hilldown breeding programme.  In setting up this programme, Sally and I endeavoured to try and breed modern sport horses with a strong emphasis on them having good temperaments.   All the broodmares we have used have been ridden and competed prior to having foals.

To date, Hilldown Prophet is now competed by Mike Jackson, Hilldown Parsley, Hocus, Thistle, Harley, Pinky and Mungo are all being successfully in their respective fields, whether it be dressage, eventing or hunting by their owners.  Hilldown Sweetpea will be broken in in due course.