Event clinicThe first Event Clinic at Moor Farm was held this month.   It began with a talk on goal setting, both long and short term.  This was then followed with a flat lesson with Trudi and then a jump lesson with Mike Jackson.  Mike also gave an informative talk on fitness for both horse and rider which was followed by a question and answer session.  Lunch followed, which culminated with strawberries and ice-cream, washed down with a glass of wine.  The afternoon session involved self reflection on what everyone had learnt that day. The weather was glorious and everyone had a fun day, if a little sun baked.

Pearl WellingtonPearl flew round the advanced cross country at Wellington to finish in 5th place.  Hilldown Prophet was also in the advanced but due to his going to Blenheim in September, he only did the dressage and showjumping.