Well it’s still raining!!! An indoor school seams very appealing.

The month started with lucky Xavier and Prophet going to Crickland’s to the eventers’ training, all were good.
We then took Sid, Michael and Pascal to Burrows Court  and the heavens opened on us, but they all behaved. Daisy won the Novice on Sid and the Elementary on Pascal with very good scores and Gemma won the Prelim with Michael.

We then had our Christmas rally and the day was nearly dry! Well almost a bottle of port and 40 mince pies went!! Molly and Daisy Ward made a real effort and had amazing outfits and all went home with rosettes after their dressage tests.

We had a family outing to Olympia we took my niece Chloe and met Anand and Ben up there and also met up with Mike and Ellie Jackson for a drink. The SJ, was very exciting and after meeting more friends for lunch the next day were ready to come home.

Christmas was very sociable and every one managed to have a nice break.
Jan 2 2013 and we’re back in to full swing again and today was dry! Hooray

Thank you to every one who sent cards and presents