eventers1Last weekend saw the 3-day intensive eventers course at AM Dressage.  Despite the horrid weather the course was great fun.

The first day involved doing flat work inside and grid work outside.  This was then followed by a quiz on all the questions I have been asked over the past 30 years as an event coach.

Saturday started with a lecture demo on test riding with Matt showing some very fancy moves on his young horse Leo. The rain was so hard we did flat in the morning with Matt, Adam and me and then brought all the jumps indoors to do straightness and skinnies for the afternoon. In the evening we all made plans for the season with a talk on long and short term goal setting.

eventers2On Sunday with a lot of tired horses and riders, the final session was test riding with Adam as judge with myself and Matt on hand in the warm up to help with last minute questions.

All 14 horses and riders were fun to teach and I hope we will see you again next time!

Adam and Matt are hosting a Science Day in association with British Dressage SW.  ‘Horses, who’d ‘ave ’em?’ is taking place on 2 April. Further details are available.